Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 8 January 2019 at 7.15pm in the sports hall.

Present: Mrs. Ablett (Chair), K Macklin, R Gibson, D Gillyon-Powell, M Gillyon-Powell, S Mathison, Mrs Ellerington-Jennings, M Hilton, Mr Thompson (resident)

18-19/94     Apologies: S Nicholson

18-19/95    Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: None

18-19/96    Minutes of the last meeting: Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings proposed, S Mathison seconded, and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record. M Gillyon-Powell and R Gibson abstained as they were not present at the December meeting.

18-19/97    Clerk’s report: None

18-19/98    Correspondence:


13 December 2018

Sirius Group

Proposed Holiday Park at Catwick Grange

14 December 2018


Chairman’s Awards 2019

17 December 2018

Northern Powergrid

Festive lighting 2018-2019

29 December 2018

Jo & Phil Luke

The Rectory, West Street, Leven

1 January 2019

Clerks and Councils Direct


4 January 2019


South Street – crossroads build-out


18-19/99    Planning applications:

18/04060/PLF – Mr Southwell - Erection of stables, construction of menages, fencing, gates and 8no. floodlights attached to 6no. 5m high poles following relocation of an existing livery business (Revised scheme of 18/01378/PLF) at Land South of The Redwoods, High . Leven   Leven parish council has no objections to the planning application

18/04107/CLP - Mr Robert Townsley - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed use of land for siting of residential caravans (re-submission of 18/00181/CLP) at Sandholme Park, Sandholme Lane, Leven      Leven parish council strongly objects to the application for the following reason: Based on the documents presented to Leven Parish Council they do not provide clarity and proof that planning permission has ever been granted.

18/03118/CM – Yarrows Aggregates Ltd - Erection of two-storey office building, 2 weighbridges and alterations to access at Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Little Catwick Quarry, Leven Bypass, White Cross to Leven Roundabout Leven – Deferred from December 2018 meeting

Leven parish council strongly objects to the planning application for the following reasons:

The erection of the two-storey office building has already taken place, this was confirmed by the case officer, and therefore the current application should be withdrawn and resubmitted as a retrospective planning application. Misled by both the applicant and the planning department. Total disregard to the parish council as consultees. It is an overdevelopment of a temporary site. Inadequate screening of the building. Visible from all approaches. It is the wrong footprint.

18-19/100  Planning decisions:

18/03776/TCA - LEVEN CONSERVATION AREA – Mr S Mathison - T1 Poplar: fell due to significant decay in the main union of the co-dominant stems, T2 Sycamore: fell due to leaning towards neighbouring property and is in poor shape and T3 fell dead Willow at 29 East Street Leven – Approved.  S Mathison declared an interest in this application

18/03228/CM – Yarrows Aggregates Ltd - Installation of replacement flue to serve sand drying process at Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Little Catwick Quarry, Leven Bypass White Cross to Leven Roundabout, Leven - Approved

18/03429/PLF – Ms Tracy Fletcher - Conversion and alterations of existing detached double garage to form self-contained 'Granny Annexe' at 8 The Bryants, Leven - Approved

18/03432/PLF – Mr Paul Featherstone   Erection of dormer extension to front at 42 Barley Gate, Leven    Approved

18-19/101  Treasurer’s report

Mrs S L Woolfitt                           £376.18                         January salary and expenses

Mr A E Dawson                             £170.71                        January salary

Mrs S L Woolfitt (Defibstore)     £255.60                        Replacement battery and pads for defibrillator

S Mathison proposed, M Gillyon-Powell seconded, and all were in favour of the payments being made.

18-19/102  Financial matters – Setting of the precept 2019/2020:

The finance committee met prior to the parish council meeting to discuss the proposed budget for the next financial year and to report to the other members of the parish council their proposals for the precept.  D Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Mathison seconded and all were in favour of asking ERYC for £17,600. This precept will mean that the band D billing amount attributable to the parish council will be £20.39, which is an increase of £1.25.    

18-19/103  Representatives reports

Youth Club: Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings advised that the Christmas party had been enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, Father Christmas had to cancel the event at the Nature Park due to the wet weather and little interest in the village.

Police: Youths on bicycles have been seen in the village trying door handles.

Leven and Brandesburton Horticultural Society: D Gillyon-Powell reported that the Christmas event was very well attended. £300 had been raised that will go towards the running of the annual show. A raffle held had raised £200 which is to be given to a HIV charity in Uganda.

18-19/104  General purpose matters

Public Right of Way: Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings reported that horse riders have been riding on the public right of way off Hempholme Lane churning up the grass.

Christmas lights:  New Christmas lights will have to be purchased before December. K Macklin has sourced some and M Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Mathison seconded, and all were in favour of the clerk purchasing a set. The cost is approximately £250.

Defibrillator course: It was decided to run defibrillator training courses combined with first aid courses for year 6 pupils at Leven school and 2 adult courses for residents in the village. The clerk will apply for funding from Routh Wind Farm Community Fund.

Defibrillators: Although there are 3 defibrillators in the village (the school, the chemist and the sports hall) there are none in the vicinity of Westlands Way/Carr Lane area. The clerk is to write to Mrs Sykes to ask if they will consider putting one up on South Street and the parish council wondered whether Mark Winter will allow one to be put up on the side of his business premises.  

18-19/105  Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 5 February 2019 at 7:15pm in the sports hall.

As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9:00pm.