Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 3 July 2018 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall.


Present: Mrs. Ablett (chair), D Gillyon-Powell, R Southwell, M Hilton, S Mathison, S Nicholson,

K Macklin, Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings, J Bird


18-19/31     Apologies: M Gillyon-Powell, R Gibson


18-19/32     Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: None


18-19/33     Minutes of the last meeting: D Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Mathison seconded and all were in favour of the minutes being signed as a true record.


18-19/34     Clerk’s report


Heigholme Lane Public Right of Way: The bridge is to be replaced in the Autumn/after harvest.


Bench – Canal bank: The clerk has written to Mr. Draper but has not received a reply.


West Street: The clerk has spoken to ERYC who advised that the verge is now back as it should be. BT have put top soil on it and sown grass seed.


18-19/35     Correspondence


June 2018           Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner         Letter of introduction

15 June 2018     Beverley & N H I D B                                                 Use of noticeboards

19 June 2018     Laurie Ellis                                                                  Request for litter bin

20 June 2018     ERYC                                                                            South Street – build out

21 June 2018     First Hand Training Solutions                                  First aid course – Leven school

22 June 2018     ERYC                                                                            East Street drainage issues

25 June 2018     ERYC                                                                           Broadband subsidy scheme

29 June 2018     ERNLLCA                                                                    Newsletter


The correspondence from Laurie Ellis was to request a litter bin at the entrance to the closed tip on Hornsea Road. This is a popular area for dog walkers and the closest bin for litter is on High Stile.  S Nicholson proposed, S Mathison seconded, and all were in favour of the purchase of a bin.


Correspondence has been received from ERYC regarding the drainage issues on East Street. ERYC state that the drain is not an ERYC system but either a YW surface water system or a disputed resident village drain. The clerk is to write back stating that the drain is on ERYC land and is part of the highway.


18-19/36     Planning applications


18/01378/PLF – Mr Richard Southwell – Erection of stable, construction of menages, fencing and gates following relocation of an existing livery business at land south of The Redwoods,

High Stile, Leven - Leven parish council supports the application in principle. However, the following comments were made: There will be an increase in traffic down Rosedale especially when the new houses are built. The impact the relocation of the livery business could have on the neighbours. Concerns that the stables are going to be built on a flood plain.

18/01732/PLF – Mr Thomas Bentley – Erection of porch to front at 34 The Meadows, Leven –                              No objections

18/01808/TCA – Mr Alan Ball – Tree works in Conservation area – T1 Hawthorn: 2-3ft crown reduce, T2 Sycamore: fell, T3 and T4 Ash x 2: fell as self-seeded at 3 East Street, Leven – support the tree officer’s recommendations


18-19/37     Planning decisions


18/00562/PLF – Mr & Mrs C J Coulter -  Erection of a first floor extension and single storey extension to rear at 9 South Parade Leven HU17 5LJ - Granted

18/00628/CM – Sandsfield Gravel Company Ltd -  Variation of Condition 1 (expiration period) and Condition 2 (approved plans and documents) of planning permission 08/00967/STVARE dated 1 September 2008 to allow operation of site for extraction of minerals and land filling of non-hazardous waste for a further 20 years until 21 February 2038  Sandsfield Gravel Company Limited Foss Hill Quarry Catwick Lane Brandesburton YO25 8SA - Approved

18/00581/CM – Sandsfield Gravel Company Ltd - Extension to the mineral extraction and land filling boundary northwards by 40m along the northern edge of the Site (in-line with Sandsfield's ownership boundary) and retention of 2 leachate holding tanks and a 750m long 90mm diameter gravity fed buried pipeline to discharge leachate to sewer at Sandsfield Gravel Company Limited Foss Hill Quarry Catwick Lane Brandesburton YO25 8SA - Approved


18-19/38     Treasurer’s report


Mrs S L Woolfitt                                £387.35               July salary and expenses

Mr A Dawson                                    £170.71               July salary

First Hand Training Solutions         £400.00               First aid training course – Leven school

Mrs S L Woolfitt (PC World)           £  64.99               External hard-drive

Mrs S L Woolfitt (DOMU.co.uk)    £   29.95               Pressure sprayer

Garry Lee                                           £  50.00               Grass cutting – Jubilee Garden

Autela Group                                    £  56.40               Payroll fees


S Nicholson proposed, J Bird seconded, and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


18-19/39     Financial matters    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Purchase of water sprayer for lamp-post planters: The clerk explained that she had had to purchase a portable water sprayer for the handyman to use to water the hanging baskets otherwise they would have dried up in the heat. A councillor has also constructed a more robust water sprayer which he showed to the parish councillors. The handyman has use of it in the summer but will return it to the councillor for storage when it is no longer needed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Increase in hours – Handyman: J Bird proposed, S Nicholson seconded, and all were in favour of increasing the handyman’s hours by 4 hours per week to cover the time required to water the hanging baskets daily.    


18-19/40     Representatives reports:


Police: Garage break ins are taking place in the village. Residents are leaving doors unlocked.


History Group: The History Group have been invited to research a family in Leven.


Playpark: £72,000 has been raised to replace the existing playpark equipment. Work will hopefully be completed by the end of July 2018.  


Sports Hall: Funds have been raised which has allowed for a new kitchen to be purchased.


18-19/41     General purpose matters


Canal path: Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings reported that the canal path needs to be cut. The grass is far too long to be walked on and the briars need to be cut back to stop walkers being scratched. The clerk will write to Andrew Chudley, ERYC to ask when the grass is to be cut and for a schedule of works to be carried out this season.


Flytipping: The clerk had reported flytipping to Andrew Chudley, ERYC who had reported back that it was the responsibility of the land owner to clear it away. J Bird advised that the land does belong to ERYC. The clerk will contact ERYC again.


18-19/42     Date of next meeting: The parish council are to have a summer recess and will not be holding a meeting in August 2018. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4 September 2018 at 7.15pm in the sports hall. S Mathison proposed, K Macklin seconded, and all were in favour of the chair and the clerk dealing with any business during the recess.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm.