Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on 4 October 2016 at 7.15pm in the school.


Present: Mrs Ablett (Chair), S Nicholson, S Mathison, K Macklin, J Bird, R Southwell, E McGee Councillor Birmingham (pt)


16-17/71  Apologies: D Gillyon-Powell, M Gillyon-Powell


16-17/72  Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: none


16-17/73  Minutes of the last meeting: S Nicholson proposed, R Southwell seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record. E McGee abstained as he was not present at the last meeting.


16-17/74  Parish council vacancies: Leven parish council now has two vacancies due to the resignations by Mr Ian Fernie and Mrs Diane Hobson. Notices have been put up in the parish council noticeboards and it is hoped that the parish council will be able to co-opt and not have to have an election. The Chair thanked both Mr Fernie and Mrs Hobson for all of the hard work put in whilst serving on the parish council.


16-17/75  Clerk’s report:


Leven Festival: The Clerk spoke to David Thorne regarding the proposed noticeboard who advised that he is waiting for information from Andy East.


Parking issues – Leven School: Denise Flint, ERYC provided details regarding proposed parking restrictions.


Junction West Street/ South Street: Stephen Murray, ERYC provided details of the proposed works to be carried out.


Christmas lights: Email received from Hornsea Carnival Committee confirming that Father Christmas will be coming with his sleigh. Confirmation received from Leven Scouts that they will be providing the refreshments. The clerk is to contact the School to ask if they will run a competition to design the best Christmas card. The prize with be a £20 voucher for W H Smith and to switch the Christmas tree lights on. The clerk will also ask if the School choir can sing again around the Christmas tree. S Nicholson proposed, J Bird seconded and all were in favour of the above suggestion. The clerk will ask Mr Bell if he will bring his steam car and J Bird will provide the background music.

16-17/76  Correspondence:


September 2016                      Clerks and Councils Direct         Newsletter

                                                    ERNLLCA                                       2016 Conference

                                                    ERNLLCA                                       Newsletter

September 18 2016                 Humberside Police                     Partnership meetings

September 19 2016                ERNLLCA                                       Capping of parish councils

September 21 2016                Conservative Group                   Beverley Rural Meetings

September 26 2016                ERYC                                              Proposed waiting restrictions

September 27 2016                ERYC                                              Festive lighting 2016/2017

September 30 2016                ERYC                                              Highways works

September 30 2016                ERYC                                              Parish council vacancy

October 1 2016                       Mr D Traves                                  Parking on pavements

October 3 2016                       Mr P Bowser                                Dog fouling


Dog fouling was discussed and in particular the public footpath that runs from Balk Close to Brandesburton Road. Dog poo bags are being discarded by irresponsible dog walkers into the hedges, residents’ gardens or hung on fences and not taken home or disposed of in the litter bins around the village. Notices are going to be put up reminding dog owners to clear up after their animals.


Cllr Birmingham – ERYC matters: Cllr Birmingham spoke of the City of Culture 2017 and reminded the parish council to submit details of any events that will be going on in 2017 to Bridlington Spa so that they can be included in the publicity material. Cllr Birmingham left the meeting at 8.00pm.


16-17/77  Planning applications:


16/02035/STOUT – Southwell County Homes and Mr & Mrs Mackinder – Outline – erection of residential development for up to 70 dwellings (access and scale to be considered) at land south of  The Redwoods, High Stile, Leven   (additional drainage and flood risk information)

R Southwell  left the room at 8.05pm and did not take part in the discussions.  The application had been considered at the planning committee in September 2016 but was deferred due to the objections by Beverley & North Holderness Internal Drainage Board (B&NHIDB). They had commented that the soakaway testing should take place over 4 seasons. The planning committee had insisted that it was deferred to allow B&NHIDB to talk to ERYC and the applicants. Mrs  Ablett declared an interest as she sits on the B&NHIDB. An email had been sent to the planning committee members by the clerk regarding information received by the case officer which had not been highlighted to the parish council regarding the soakaways. The parish council are still adamant that there has to be 4 seasons testing of the drainage and not 1 day which was on 20 September 2016. Further test should be carried out as September 2016 is the driest on record since September 1936. It therefore doesn’t give a true reading. Tests should be carried out at The Orchard and not just at the highest point of the land. The water and drainage must be correct for the sake of the new residents and for the existing residents also.  There is also going to be a 6” deep open drain to take away the flood waters if there is any flooding. This is going to serve no purpose. E McGee proposed that the parish council writes to Mr Sunman, case officer ERYC, advising that the parish council are unhappy with the deceit regarding the withheld information regarding the soakaways, unhappy with the drainage report – 1 day opposed to 4 seasons testing, no upgrade to an already overloaded sewage plant and more information required regarding the shallow alleviation ditch. S Nicholson seconded the above and all were in favour.

R Southwell returned to the meeting at 8.30pm.


16-17/78  Planning decisions:


16/01318/CM | Variation of Condition 3 (opening hours) of planning permission 15/00219/STPLF to increase opening hours from 0700 to 1800 Mondays to Fridays and 0800 to 1300 Saturdays to enable the site to operate up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week | Yarrows Aggregates Limited Leven Bypass White Cross To Leven Roundabout Leven East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 5PS   APPROVED  for a temporary 6 month period commencing 19 September 2016. J Bird declared an interest in the application.


16-17/79  Treasurer’s report:


Garden & Tree Services                 £434.70                 Parish paths maintenance

ERNLLCA                                           £36.00                   Training fees

PKF Littlejohn                                 £120.00                  Audit fees

Mr G Lee                                         £  50.00                  Grass cutting – South Street

Mrs S L Woolfitt                             £383.52                 October salary and expenses

Mr A E Dawson                              £151.00                 October salary


S Nicholson proposed, K Macklin seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


16-17/80  Financial matters:


Proposed waiting restrictions: Plans were submitted by Denise Flint, ERYC showing the proposed waiting restrictions on High Stile and South Street adjacent to the School. The parish council had no objections to the extension to the keep clear markings on South Street however did not agree with the extension to the length of the present keep clear marking on High Stile. The parish council feel that the keep clear marking should end at the far side of 15 High Stile and not taking it to 19 High Stile. The parish council feels that this would cause the cars to park on the opposite side of the road which would in turn exacerbate the parking problems already experienced on High Stile.


Highway works – South Street/West Street:  Steven Murray, ERYC had submitted plans regarding waiting restriction traffic regulation orders and build out on South Street. The total cost of the works is £9000 and ERYC are looking to Leven parish council to pay for 50% of the cost. The councillors agreed to all of the work to be carried out but wanted some adjustments making to the tactile paving at East Street. The clerk is to write and advise ERYC of the decision.


16-17/81  Representatives’ reports:


Police: S Mathison remarked on the dark nights and for residents to lock doors.


Leven Sports Hall : K Macklin reported that both Mr Terry Etherington and Mrs Vera Caygill are stepping down from the Playingfields Association and a new secretary and treasurer are required.


Nature Park: K Macklin advised that the Wray Trust had provided a grant to purchase a new lawn mower. The nature park still needs work on it but it is looking good.


16-17/82  General purpose matters:


Hedges : S Nicholson had received a report that some of the hedges are encroaching on to the pavement and need to be cut back although was unsure as to where these hedges were. S Nicholson will find out more information and report back.


16-17/83  Date of next meeting:  Tuesday, 1 November 2016 at 7.15pm in the School.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.