Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 19 May 2015 at 7.15pm in the school.


Present: Mrs Ablett (Chair), S Nicholson, S Mathison, R Southwell, Mrs Hobson, K Macklin,    E McGee, J Bird, M Gillyon-Powell, D Gillyon-Powell, I Fernie, 2 young residents of the village.




Approval of the minutes: The minutes of the last meeting held on 6 May 2014 were approved, K Macklin proposed, Mrs Hobson seconded and all were in favour.


Chairman’s report:


“ Firstly I would like to say welcome ladies and gentlemen, fellow councillors to Leven Parish Council 2015 Annual General Meeting and for giving me as your Chairman this opportunity to present the report and comment upon the last twelve months of council business. This is also an opportunity for me to record my personal thanks to those who have enabled the year to be a successful one.


I am not going to say that this year has been an easy one because far from it there have been a number of challenges over the last twelve months many of which in turn have created their own difficulties.


Firstly I would like to record not only my personal thanks to Sally but also the council’s appreciation for the invaluable job she does as our parish clerk. Not only at our regular meetings throughout the year but also all the other work that she does behind the scenes, keeping us informed and up to date, which in turn helps us in our decision making.  She is committed to the village and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you.


Also our handyman Allan Dawson for making a difference to the appearance to the village not just by making sure litter and discarded bottles and cans are gathered up but all of the other jobs he does including letting us know of problem areas and helping in the Jubilee Garden. The message is getting across to the residents that we as a parish council about the village and its appearance and hopefully they will join us in making a difference. Thank you Allan for everything you do.


Thank you to fellow councillors who act as parish council representatives on various village organisations, for giving up your time, for keeping us informed but most of all for helping to improve community ties and break down any barriers that there might appear to be.


Although we have three Beverley Rural Ward Councillors for this area, we appreciate that there are many demands upon their time and it is not always possible to present at our meeting but when either Councillor Pollard or Councillor Birmingham are able to attend it always proves helpful. We greatly appreciate their support and the work that they do upon our behalf.


I can safely say over the last twelve months there has been a good attendance by all councillors at our meetings. Meetings have not been dull and at times the gavel has worked overtime. Despite any difference there might be between members, everyone gets on with their job in order to serve Leven in the best possible way. A number of external meetings at ERYC and other bodies have been attended upon the council’s behalf. It is vital to attend these meetings in order that we are informed of any changes and remain up to date about current planning legislations etc. The more members become involved with the parish council by attending these meetings upon our behalf, the more they learn about the council and how it works.


The parish council has been involved in the negotiations for the continued use of the allotments and a new lease for them.


In the centre of the village the Jubilee Garden is continuing to flourish with the joint effort of the parish council and the ‘In Bloom’ committee. A new Beech hedge has been planted, spring bulbs and planters with summer bedding plants, all of which will enhance the appearance of the area for many years to come. It was the third year of the Christmas tree light ceremony and this year was better than ever. To say that the event is going from strength to strength is an understatement. Residents joined in the spirit of the occasion, singing carols and enjoying the refreshments provided by the Scouts. I would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work. The garden is a project not just for now but for the future years to come and hopefully over the next few years residents will see it evolve and flourish.


Dog fouling remains a problem and what makes it worse is people discarding the poo bags they have gathered up by throwing them into hedges or grassed areas. It is not only unsociable but it is also unsightly. We will continue with our campaign to get owners and dog walkers to act more responsibly.


Speeding through the village and parking in the village remain a constant problem but we are endeavouring to resolve these matters. Vandalism and graffiti over the last few months has been an ever increasing problem locally. The parish council take this matter very seriously and the police are involved. Again it is the few who are spoiling things for the majority and at the same time their actions are proving very costly.


I have not mentioned all the activities we have undertaken or all the day to day business and other matters that we have dealt with over the past year, I hope that our minutes speak for themselves. We have endeavoured to be an efficient and open parish council not always seeing eye to eye but as a whole working for the benefit of the village and its residents.


Thank you to all of the members for their continued support and to the village for giving me the opportunity of representing them.”


East Riding of Yorkshire Council report:


Councillor Pollard advised that it was the first of three Annual General Meetings that she was attending this evening. Councillor Pollard said that it was always a pleasure to come to the meetings at Leven and had a very good relationship with the Chair and clerk. Councillor Pollard further commented that she will come and sit through a full council meeting soon. Councillor Pollard told all of the members that they can contact her anytime by telephone or email.


General purpose matters: none


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 7.27pm.