Minutes of Leven Parish Council held on Tuesday, 4 April 2017 at 7.15pm in the school.


Present: Mrs Ablett (chair), R Southwell, S Nicholson, S Mathison, D Gillyon-Powell,

M Gillyon-Powell, R Gibson, M Hilton, J Bird


16-17/152   Apologies: K Macklin


16-17/153   Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: none


16-17/154   Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were approved,

D Gillyon-Powell proposed, R Southwell seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


16-17/155   Michelle Binns – First Hand Training Solutions: Michelle had been invited to the parish council to talk about the possibility of holding a first aid course in the village for residents. The course is to include: CPR, choking, bone injuries, burns, use of a defibrillator and general household emergencies. Michelle explained that she had recently held a course in the school which 17 people had attended. £150 had been raised and this was to be put towards the cost of a defibrillator. Hopefully if funds can be raised then the parish council would like to see 2 in the village. The footballers at the Sports Hall are undertaking CPR training. The clerk is to put up a notice in the parish council noticeboards to enquire if anyone is interested in attending the first aid course. The chair thanked Michelle for attending the meeting. Matter to be placed on the May agenda under financial matters. The clerk advised that she has applied for a £2000 grant from the Routh Windfarm fund which is for a defibrillator and to hold a first aid course. Mrs Ablett declared an interest in the Routh Windfarm as she is chair of the committee.


16-17/156   Clerk’s report:


Parish council vacancy: Notification has been received from ERYC that there will not be an election and the parish council can now co-opt someone on to the council. Notices have been put up in the parish council noticeboards.


Footpath – Heron Lakes: An email had been received from Mr T Ollett regarding the hedge cutting at Heron Lakes. Although J Bird had advised that he had been told by ERYC that it is not his responsibility to clear up the cuttings Mr Ollett after contacting Highways at ERYC had been told to the contrary. D Gillyon-Powell told J Bird through the chair that he needs to seek clarification if he does not agree with this.


Bench – Beverley Road: All the leaves that had gathered under the bench have now been cleared away. Comments were made regarding the parking of cars on the grass verge at the bus stop opposite Rectory Farm by parents picking up and dropping off pupils going on the buses to various schools. The grass is getting churned up in wet weather. The clerk is to contact highways asking for bollards to be erected.







16-17/157   Correspondence:


March 2017                   Estuary TV                                       Local News from our parishes

                                        Clerk & Council Direct                    Newsletter

March 10 2017             Conservative Group                       Query about flowers on the highway

March 13 2017             Graham Stuart MP                         My recent surgery

March 17 2017             HART                                                 Thank you

March 20 2017             ERYC                                                  Parish Council liaison meetings

March 21 2017             ERYC                                                  Community use of schools

March 24 2017             ERYC                                                  Parish Council vacancy

March 30 2017             ERYC                                                  Routh Wind Farm Community Fund


16-17/158   Planning applications:


16/03916/PLF  Erection of 2 dwellings at Land South West Of 7 High Stile Leven                   East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 5NL for Mr Ken Macklin  No objections to the application however the parish council notes that it would appear that the proposed properties are further forward on the building line than other properties on the street.


17/00600/PLF  Erection of a two storey extension to rear  17 South Parade Leven              East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 5LJ for Mr & Mrs D Ward  Strongly object to the application. It would have a detrimental impact on the surrounding properties and their enjoyment of their own surroundings. Totally out of proportion with the other properties. Out of character.


16-17/159   Planning decisions:


17/0030/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to rear following removal of existing outbuilding at 83 East Street, Leven for Mr & Mrs Derbyshire     Approved


17/00570/TCA – Leven conservation area: Copper Beech: overall 2m crown reduction, Oak: overall 1m crown reduction, to keep the natural shape of the trees but to reduce each individual branch back to suitable growth point to reduce the overall size of the trees, and control the root growth rate at 86 West Street, Leven for Mrs Couttie      Approved


17/00244/PLF – Erection of single storey extension following demolition of existing conservatory to rear, construction of bow window to front, dormer window to rear, canopies to front and rear, installation of roof lights to rear, replacement windows and rendering to north, south and east elevations and construction of pitched roofs to replace existing flat roofs at 32 West Street, Leven for Mr & Mrs Geoff Phillips      Approved


16/01011/PLF – Retention of a second floor balcony to rear (resubmission of application 15/01140/PLF) at 16 Theasby Way, Leven     Refused




16-17/160   Treasurer’s report:


HMRC (Post Office)                      £478.40                           Quarterly tax return

Garry Lee                                       £  25.00                           Grass cutting – Jubilee Garden

Sally Woolfitt (Instaprint)           £  78.00                           Leaflet printing – AD Plant


M Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Mathison seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


16-17/161   Financial matters: none


16-17/162   Representatives reports:


Humberside Police: A report has been received of passengers in a white Golf trying car door handles down The Orchard.


Leven and Brandesburton Horticultural Show: D Gillyon-Powell advised that the show will be held again on the 3rd Saturday in August.


Playingfields Association auction: M Hilton reported that there was a shortfall in the proceeds of the auction on last year’s figures by approx. £1000.


16-17/163   General purpose matters:


Flytipping: The clerk is to report that a washing machine and conifer trees have been dumped in the ditch in the Loughlands Lane layby.


Bulbs – The Orchard: Comments were made regarding the daffodils and how pretty they looked at the top of The Orchard. Mr & Mrs Thorne had planted the bulbs. It was also said how colourful all the village looked with the daffodils.


Bus shelter: R Gibson had been asked if it was possible to have a bus shelter erected in the village. This matter has previously been raised and it was noted that there are 13 bus stops in the village.


16-17/164   Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 7.15pm. The annual parish meeting will take place followed by the parish council meeting. The clerk is to write to Councillor Pollard as she offered to bring Stephen Hunt, Head of Planning and Development Management to a parish council meeting to discuss planning policies and ask them to attend the annual parish meeting.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.