Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 7.30pm in the school.


Present: Mrs Ablett, S Mathison, S Nicholson, J Bird, R Southwell, M Gillyon-Powell,

D Gillyon-Powell, M Hilton, K Macklin, R Gibson, Councillor Pollard, Mrs Dyson,

Mrs Boyd, Mrs B Ellerington-Jennings, Mr Thompson


17-18/1    Apologies: None


17-18/2    Election of Officers:


Chair: S Mathison proposed, S Nicholson seconded and all were in favour of Mrs Ablett being re-elected as Chair.

Vice-chair: S Nicholson proposed, K Macklin seconded and all were in favour of

D Gillyon-Powell being re-elected as Vice-chair.


Committee members and representatives:


Finance committee: D Gillyon-Powell (chair), R Gibson, M Hilton, R Southwell,

Mrs Ellerington-Jennings.

Youth club representative: R Southwell

Sports Hall representative: K Macklin

Police liaison: S Mathison

History Group representative: S Nicholson

Scouts representative: M Hilton

Parish paths representative: K Macklin

Routh Wind Farm representatives: Mrs Ablett and Mrs Dyson


The clerk is to write to Laura Burley, ERYC confirming the re-election of representatives on the Wind Farm Committee.


17-18/3    Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: R Southwell declared a non-pecuniary interest in planning application 17/01180/ PLF and would not be taking part in any discussions or voting.


Councillor Pollard left the meeting at 7.45pm

Councillor Gibson joined the meeting at 7.45pm


17-18/4    Co-option of parish councillor:


2 residents had written in to the clerk in response to the notices placed in the parish council noticeboards advertising a vacancy. The 2 candidates gave a 2-minute briefing on why they were interested in the vacancy and what they could bring to the parish council. A vote took place by the councillors and Mrs Bridget Ellerington-Jennings was co-opted onto the council. Mrs Ellerington-Jennings will not be able to take part in any voting decisions until the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Member’s interest form have been signed.            Mrs Ablett thanked the other candidate for putting their name forwarded and hoped that they wouldn’t be put off from applying again if any vacancies arose. Mrs Ablett welcomed the new councillor to the meeting.


17-18/5    Minutes of the last meeting: Bench – Beverley Road: J Bird questioned the proposal of bollards at the bus stop opposite Rectory Farm and why the parish council were contacting highways to ask for them. J Bird asked if he could be part of the consultation.       J Bird also advised that he had photographs of the path and verge. S Nicholson proposed,    D Gillyon-Powell seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


17-18/6    Clerk’s report:


Fly tipping: The clerk had reported fly tipping in the ditch in the layby near to                Loughlands Lane. The clerk had spoken to streetscene at ERYC who advised that there had been a problem with the on-line reporting. The clerk to chase up again.


17-18/7    Review of policies: D Gillyon-Powell proposed, K Maclin seconded and all were in favour of the policies remaining the same.


17-18/8    Correspondence:


April 2017                   ERYC                                             Beverley Minster Service 7.5.2017

April 7 2017                ERYC                                             Safe and Sound Fund 2017-18

April 9 2017                ERYC                                             Highway works – East Street

April 23 2017             ERYC                                              Neighbourhood Watch

April 27 2017             ERNLLCA                                       Being a good councillor course

April 28 2017             ERNLLCA                                      Transparency Code Fund


17-18/9    Planning applications:


17/01180/PLF – Mr & Mrs Baxter – Erection of single storey extension to rear at

49 East Street, Leven        Support the application


17/01103/PLF – Mr & Mrs Coates – Conversion of a dwelling into three dwellings at

39 East Street, Leven    The conversion is acceptable however as the work would appear to have already been started should the application not be retrospective. The parish council would like to see improved parkin facilities by means of more off street parking.


17/01172/PLF – Mr G Northen – Erection of a single storey extension to side at

50 Barleygate, Leven     Support the application.


A letter had been received from Arqiva regarding a proposed development at BT Telephone Exchange on North Street, Leven. The letter was sent as prior consultation before an application is submitted. The following comments were made:

The proposal is not in a suitable position – far too close to residential properties.

It is not attractive looking.

Has the airfield been consulted?

Would it cause interference with broadband and mobile phones?

17-18/10   Planning decisions:


17/00446/PLF – Mr and Mrs Faulkes – erection of two storey extension to side at

11A South Parade, Leven      Approved


16/03149/CM – F D Bird & Sons – erection of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant and associated works (additional drainage information) at land north of Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Leven Bypass, Leven   Refused   J Bird declared a pecuniary interest in the application.


17-18/11   Treasurer’s report:


Garry Lee                               £ 50.00                  Grass cutting – Jubilee Garden

Mr J Churchill                        £ 50.00                  Internal auditor fees

Garden and Tree Services  £494.90                 Parish paths maintenance

ERNLLCA                                £690.16                Annual membership fees

Mr A E Dawson                    £163.30                 April salary

Mrs S L Woolfitt                  £387.35                 April salary and expenses


K Macklin proposed, S Nicholson seconded and all were in favour of the above payments.


17-18/12   Financial matters:


Approval of the accounts: The accounts have been checked by the internal auditor before they are submitted to the Audit Commission for their approval. The clerk advised that this is the last year that they are to be submitted to the Audit Commission. The clerk had prior to the meeting sent out a copy of the budget expenditure form to all the councillors showing month by month expenditure. M Gillyon-Powell asked for an amendment to the form showing a year to date total. M Gillyon-Powell proposed, K Macklin seconded and all were in favour of the accounts being signed by the Chair as a true record.


First Hand Training Solutions: M Gillyon-Powell to put on the ‘What’s going on in Leven’ website as the clerk has had no response from the notices in the noticeboards.

Representatives to talk to the various groups in the village. The Chair reminded councillors that at the last meeting when the presentation was made D Gillyon-Powell had suggested that a deposit was taken when bookings were made so that people would commit to attending the course.


Leven Festival: A letter had been received asking for a donation towards the sound system but this had come in too late to be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda for the June 2017 meeting.


Finance committee: Mrs Ellerington-Jennings to be a representative on the finance committee.



17-18/13   Representatives reports:


Police: S Mathison reported that there has been a spate of petty crime in the village. The bus shelter has had graffiti sprayed on to it. Mr Dawson had been to have a look at it but as some of it was in metallic paint it needed to be sanded down before it could be stained. The matter has been reported to police and photographs sent in.


Leven Festival noticeboard: It was understood that R Southwell was to produce the drawings of the noticeboard and give to the chair so that they could be passed on to highways for their approval.


Sports Hall: A new management team is in place after the retirement of Mr Etherington and Mrs Caygill.


Youth Club: R Southwell advised that some of the members of the Youth Club are wanting to attend the first aid course.


Parish paths: K Macklin advised that first cut of the season has taken place.


17-18/14   General purpose matters:


Rubble: There is a pile of rubble between the bridge on Sandholme Lane and the aqueduct.  This has been reported previously but hasn’t been removed. The clerk is to contact the enforcement officer to ask if they will speak to Mr Draper with regards to it.


Parish paths: The clerk is to write to Andrew Chudley, Countryside access officer as the footpath near to the airfield on the canal bank has had a gate put up allowing no access.


Confidential item:  J Bird and Mrs Ellerington-Jennings left the meeting


Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at 7.15pm in the school.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.18pm.