Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 6 March 2018 at 7.15pm in the school.


Present: Mrs. Ablett (chair), Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings, S Mathison, S Nicholson, K Macklin, R Southwell,

J Bird, R Gibson, M Hilton, D Gillyon-Powell, Councillor Pollard


17-18/131   Apologies:  M Gillyon-Powell


17-18/132   Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: None


17-18/133   Minutes of the last meeting: S Nicholson proposed, J Bird seconded, and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


17-18/134   Clerk’s report:


First aid course – Leven School: The clerk has applied to The Routh Wind Farm Community Fund and The Wray Trust for grant money to go towards funding the course for the year 6 pupils. The course will cost £400 and the parish council have a donation of £200 from First Hand Training for £200 to go towards the course.


East Riding of Yorkshire Council matters:


Sandholme Park, Sandholme Lane, Leven: The planning application was discussed, and Councillor Pollard is to liaise with the case officer Joanne Marshall and report back to the clerk.


Beverley Road, Leven: The state of the footpath was discussed, and Councillor Pollard is to raise the matter with highways regarding funding.


D Gillyon-Powell joined the meeting at 7.38pm.


Councillor Pollard left the meeting at 7.40pm.


17-18/135   Correspondence:


February 2018                     ERNLLCA                                    Newsletter

8 February 2018                  ERYC                                           North Street crossroads build out

13 February 2018               Michelle Binns                           First Aid training – Leven School

1 March 2018                      ERYC                                            National Lottery Small Grants programme

1 March 2018                      ERNLLCA                                     GDPR

3 March 2018                      Mr Dolman                                Leven in Bloom

4 March 2018                      Jan Snaith                                  PROW New Inn – Leven Canal


Correspondence has been received regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) from ERNLLCA. This is to be an agenda item for the April meeting.


The letter from Jan Snaith is regarding the tree that has blown down on the path leading to the canal. The clerk has arranged for Pete Bowser to remove it.


The letter from Mr Dolman, Leven in Bloom confirmed that the school will continue to maintain the hanging baskets and barrier baskets but would like the parish council to have them on their insurance policy. The clerk has spoken to Zurich Insurance who have included them on this year’s policy and expect that it will cost in the region of £24 to include them at the next renewal.


17-18/136   Planning applications:


17/04154/STPLF – Coastline Leisure Ltd -  Change of use of land for the siting of an additional 224 holiday accommodation (131 holiday lodges/static caravans, 56 camping pods/yurts and 37 touring caravan pitches), erection of a reception/office, bistro/gym, toilet/shower blocks, MUGA, play area and associated landscaping, drainage and engineering works at Heron Lakes, Main Road, Routh, East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9SL. J Bird declared a pecuniary interest in the application and left the room whilst discussions took place.


After careful consideration of the above application Leven Parish Council strongly object for the following reasons:


We support the comments made by the Highways Development Management that the submitted transport plan is woefully out of date and does not truly reflect what is happening on this road.

This application seeks to significantly increase the size of this site and to introduce touring caravans. This is a primary route and it is not acceptable to allow vehicles exiting the site and pulling touring caravans to turn right to travel towards Beverley as they would have to cross the carriageway. The traffic at this point is already fast moving and movements of this nature will potentially interrupt the safe, free flow of the vehicles already on the carriageway, thus creating potential hazards to other road users.

It would be preferable to make all vehicles turn left when exiting the site so that they travel down to the White Cross Roundabout, travel round it and back up the A1035 towards Beverley. At the site entrance, there is already a conflict between vehicles using the junction, the cycle path and footpath and by siting the reception and sales office at this location it will exacerbate this situation and has the potential to create queues of vehicles both trying to access the site and to leave it, making the situation on the A1035 even more hazardous. We consider that this junction does not have the capacity to safely and efficiently accommodate the additional vehicle movements that this development will generate. There does not appear to be any highways works to overcome this situation e.g. a dual carriageway leading to and from the site entrance or slip roads on either side of the carriageway.


The information contained within the application does not say whether the bistro, gym and sports facilities are for resident, lodge owners use only. The Parish Council has concerns that if they were open to the public that this would also generate more traffic problems.


Whilst the Parish Council supports the need for tourism in the area and the economic benefit it brings, it is felt that this application is an over development of the site. It does not state anywhere in the planning application that there is the need to extend the existing site. This site is already advertising 5 properties for sale and lodges are also being marketed for sale on the neighbouring High Farm Country Park.  Heron Lakes has always been marketed as an exclusive site with luxury lodges for sale or rent yet the applicant is now wanting to site tourers and yurts. This is an overdevelopment of the site increasing the number of holiday accommodation units from 50 to 274. What proof does the applicant have that a site of this size is required for tourist accommodation this distance from the tourism centre of Beverley?


This area and site was flooded in 2007, there are no flood risk plans within the application.

Part of this site/land has already been designated in the Local Minerals Plan for mineral extraction, yet we are being presented with an application for change of use. There is no indication as to whether the minerals will be preserved. J Bird returned to the meeting at 8.25pm.


18/00272/PLF – Mr Mike Jones - erection of two storey extension to side and single storey extension to rear at 44B Westlands Way, Leven, East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 5LG – no objections to the application.


Application carried forward from last meeting:


18/00181/CLP – Vellam and Townsley Partnership – Certificate of lawfulness for proposed use of land for siting of residential caravans at Sandholme Park, Sandholme Lane, Leven – The clerk has spoken to Joanne Marshall, case officer, ERYC who hasn’t yet traced all the previous planning documents relating to the caravan site. Joanne will advise the clerk when these are to hand so that the parish council can have access and can then make an informed decision on the application.


17-18/137   Planning decisions: None


R Gibson raised a question regarding a 2nd floor balcony which was built at 16 Theasby Way, Leven without planning permission. The owner had applied for planning permission for the retention of the second floor balcony and on two occasions had been refused permission by ERYC. The applicant had appealed against the decisions which were dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate.  The balcony is still in situ. The clerk will speak to Mike Roebuck, enforcement officer, ERYC regarding the removal of the balcony.


17-18/138   Treasurer’s report:


Robinson Contract Services                  £237.60                  Winter snow clearance

S L Woolfitt                                              £405.22                  March salary and expenses

Mr A E Dawson                                       £163.10                  March salary


J Bird proposed, S Mathison seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


17-18/139   Financial matters: None


17-18/140   Representatives reports:


Leven Playingfields Association: The  Annual Auction is taking place on Saturday, 24 March 2018.


Police: Burglaries are still taking place in and around the village. Residents need to be vigilant.

Hare coursing taking place on the fields in the village.


Youth club: There are 25 members attending the youth club on a Friday. Children are aged between      10 and 12 years.


17-18/141   General purpose matters:


Leven Canal and the Holderness Hunt: Damage has been caused to the canal path by the Holderness Hunt riding on it on Saturday, 24 February 2018. This is a footpath and not a bridleway and as such horses should not be on it. An email together with photographs have been sent to Andrew Chudley, parish paths partnership, ERYC. The damage is to a section of the footpath between Fox Far Bridge and Waterloo Bridge and covers an area of approximately ¾ mile. Now the footpath is a danger to walkers and dogs due to the depth of the hoof prints left in the ground. The clerk is to write to

Mr. Christopher Richardson, Master of the Holderness Hunt to ask for the ground to be put back to the condition it was previously in.


Traffic issues – The Orchard and Mill Drive: The clerk is to write to highways to ask for the cones to be removed from the top of The Orchard and ask for someone from highways to come out and assess the parking problems at these two places.


Graham Stuart MP: When Mr. Stuart previously held an open surgery in the village he advised that planning applications was not something that he could get involved with as they are a matter for the local authority (ERYC) to deal with. However, it has been noted on Mr. Stuart’s website that he has recently become involved with a planning application at Woodmansey and is supporting his constituents.


Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 3 April 2018 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall. All meetings to be held until further notice in the Sports Hall, North Street, Leven.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.