Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on 3 May 2016 at 7.25pm in the school.


Present: Mrs Ablett (chair), S Nicholson, S Mathison, I Fernie, J Bird, R Southwell,

Mrs Hobson, D Gillyon-Powell, M Gillyon-Powell, Cllr Pollard


16-17/1 Apologies: K Macklin, E McGee


16-17/2 Election of officers:


Chair: S Mathison proposed, S Nicholson seconded and all were in favour of Mrs Ablett being re-elected as chair.

Vice-chair: Mrs Hobson proposed, Mrs Ablett seconded and all were in favour of

D Gillyon-Powell being re-elected as vice-chair.


All committee members to remain the same as previous year on the various committees that they represent. To check with E McGee to see if he wishes to remain as representative to the Allotments and Family Festival committees.


The clerk is to write to the WI group and the Recreation Hall to ask if they would like a parish council representative.


16-17/3 Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary – none


16-17/4 Minutes of the last Meeting:


The clerk advised that she had been approached by a resident in the village regarding the wording of the March 2016 minutes. This had been brought to their attention by a member of the parish council. They had submitted a quotation for work to be carried out on behalf of the parish council and didn’t like the way their quote had been described. It was explained that all minutes have to be approved by the councillors before they are signed as a true record and that if the councillor hadn’t agreed with the wording then they could have asked for them to be amended. As no one had commented then the minutes were signed as a true record and published. Regarding the minutes for the meeting held on 5 April 2016, Mrs Hobson proposed, S Mathison seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


16-17/5 Clerk’s report:


 South Street/West Street – in hand. Mrs Ablett to meet up with highways.

Ragwort: Andy Harper, ERYC to respond. Not received a yet.


Councillor Pollard left the meeting 7.50pm. Any issues and the clerk will contact Cllr Pollard direct.


16-17/6 Review of policies. All agreed that they remain the same.


16-17/7 Correspondence:


April 2016                                    Beswick parish council                              Newsletter

April 7 2016                                 Mr Broadley                                                Junction West Street

April 14 2016                               ERYC                                                             Parish council liaison meetings

April 18 2016                               Mrs Carter                                                   Tree – East Park

April 19 2016                               ERYC                                                             Grant finder – Tesco bags

April 20 2016                               ERYC                                                             Affordable housing

April 21 2016                               ERYC                                                             ASBO 6 month statistics

April 25 2016                               ERYC                                                             Ragwort

April 26 2016                               ERYC                                                             Beverley Rd nameplate

April 26 2016                               ERYC                                                             Junction West Street

April 26 2016                               ERYC                                                             Junction West Street

April 27 2016                               ERYC                                                             Invitation – Chairman

April 30 2016                               Humberside Police                                    Community partnerships


16-17/8 Planning applications received:


16/00721/CM | Erection of extension to existing bagging plant building, erection of a 2 storey office building, installation of 2 weigh bridges and associated wheel wash, parking and turning circle | Yarrows Aggregates Limited Leven Bypass White Cross To Leven Roundabout Leven East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 5PS 


J Bird declared a pecuniary interest in the application and left the room at 8.13pm whilst discussions took place. I Fernie proposed and R Southwell seconded that the parish council should support the application. A counter proposal was proposed by M Gillyon-Powell and seconded by S Mathison whereby the parish council had no objection in principle to the application but they did not believe that planning permission should be granted until all matters raised had been addressed.  A vote on the counter proposal was taken S Mathison, S Nicholson,   M Gillyon-Powell, D Gillyon-Powell and Mrs Hobson were in favour of the proposal. I Fernie and R Southwell were against the counter proposal.  A vote was then taken on the original proposal and I Fernie and R Southwell voted in favour and everyone else voted against it. Therefore the counter proposal was carried. The following points are to be put forward to the planning officer:

Leven parish council in principle has no objections but we do not believe that this should be granted planning permission until all of the matters raised below have been addressed: 1. It would appear that there are no height measurements for the proposed building or details of the colour of the proposed buildings. 2. No waste storage facilities showing on the drawings. 3. We are aware that the bridleway needs to be diverted before plans can even be approved. 4. The existing wheel wash is not capable for the existing site as seen by the state of the road which is dangerous to other road users. 5. All vehicles should be made to use the wheel wash when leaving the site. 6. No kitchen facilities for staff. 7. No opening hours specified. 8. No indication of the impact on the landscape. We would appreciate a response to the comments raised within 10 working days. J Bird returned to the room 8.55pm.


16-17/9  Planning decisions: none


16-17/10 Treasurer’s report:


S L Woolfitt                                         £277.89                  May salary and expenses

Mr G Lee                                             £   50.00                  Grass cutting – South Street

Mr A E Dawson                                  £151.00                  May salary

Leven Recreation Hall                      £   16.00                  Room rental April 2016


S Mathison proposed, S Nicholson seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


16-17/11 Financial matters: none


16-17/12 Representatives’ reports:


Police: S Mathison reported that the Police had been called out to an incident in Barleygate where a man had been found naked in a garden.


Leven youth club: R Southwell reported that work had been started at the Nature Club.


Routh Wind Farm: Mrs Ablett reported that there had been a good attendance at the presentation held at Tickton.


16-17/13 General purpose matters:


Drain: The matter had been reported to Beverley & N H I DB by Mrs Ablett.


Post Office: It would appear that the Post Office are not opening on the hours stated. Complaints are being made by the residents as they are having to go to the post offices at Tickton and Brandesburton instead. The clerk will write to the Post Office highlighting the problems again.


Carr Lane: I Fernie reported that a hedge has been removed by the occupants at a property that backs on to the amenity site. The clerk will contact ERYC.


Jubilee Garden: Comments have been received stating how lovely the garden is looking with all of the daffodils.


Harrison Hill: A report of a rather large puddle has been received and will be reported to ERYC.


Leven sewage works: J Bird reported that raw sewerage is leaking onto his land. The clerk will contact YW.


16-17/14 Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 7 June 2016 at 7.15pm in the school.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.