Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 4 December 2018 at 7.15pm in the          sports hall.


Present:  Mrs Ablett (Chair), D Gillyon-Powell, S Nicholson, S Mathison, Mrs Ellerington-Jennings,

M Hilton, K Macklin, Mr. J Bird (resident)


Apologies: M Gillyon-Powell, R Gibson  


The Chair asked the parish councillors if the planning applications could be moved to the last item on the agenda to allow Councillor Bird to remain in the meeting until his application was considered by the parish council.


Councillor Bird gave a letter to the clerk to be read out before the parish council.  Councillor Bird advised in the letter that he was resigning from the parish council with immediate effect.  The Chair thanked Councillor Bird for his contribution to the parish council and advised that it had been very much appreciated.


18-19/82  Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: None


18-19/83  Minutes of the last meeting: M Hilton proposed, Mrs Ellerington-Jennings seconded, and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record. K Macklin abstained as he was not at the November meeting.


18-19/84  Representative – Finance committee: Due to the resignation of Councillor Southwell there had become a vacancy on the finance committee. K Macklin agreed to come on.


18-19/85  Clerk’s report


Planters: 3 planters have been purchased and will be planted up in the summer. S Mathison has kindly agreed to store them at his farm.


Christmas lights switch on: Once again this had been a success. Driffield Silver Band played Christmas carols which people had enjoyed listening to. The scouts served hot drinks and mince pies. We have asked the Driffield Silver Band if they will play again at next year’s light switch on. The clerk is to write to the scouts thanking them for providing the refreshments.


18-19/86  Correspondence


November 2018                          Clerks & Councils Direct                            Newsletter

6 November 2018                       ERYC                                                             Overview and Scrutiny

8 November 2018                       ERYC                                                             Bonfires on Allotments

                                                       Mr. C Brigden                                              Leven Allotment     

                                                       ERYC                                                             Flood Risk Survey 2018

15 November 2018                    ERNLLCA                                                       Good news – GDPR

16 November 2018                    ERYC                                                              Festive Lighting Permit 2018/19

18 November 2018                    Mrs Y. Sykes                                                 Thank you – donation

21 November 2018                    ERYC                                                              A1035 – Leven to Beverley

26 November 2018                    Tickton & Routh P C                                   Leven By-Pass Mud on the road


The letter from Tickton & Routh parish council asked for support with the problems of the mud on the road on Leven by pass. The matter was discussed, and the only option is to report the matter to highways who will contact the police if it is causing a danger to road users.


18-19/88  Planning decisions: None


18-19/89  Treasurer’s report


HMRC                              £  479.60                          Quarterly tax return

Driffield Silver Band      £  100.00                          Donation – playing at the Christmas light switch on

ERYC                                £  452.59                          Purchase of a litter bin

Mrs S L Woolfitt            £    79.98                          Purchase of ink cartridges for printer

Plantscape                     £1161.30                          Purchase of 3 planters

Mr D Gillyon-Powell    £     86.05                          Purchase of 2 banners – Christmas light switch on

Autela Group                £     61.20                          Quarterly payroll fees

Mrs S L Woolfitt           £   375.98                          December salary and expenses

Mr A Dawson                £   170.71                          December salary


S Nicholson proposed, S Mathison seconded, and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


18-19/90  Financial matters:


There will be a meeting of the finance committee at 6.30pm on 8 January 2019 to discuss the precept. A report will be presented to the parish council at the meeting to be held on the same evening.


18-19/91  Representatives reports


Police: Burglaries are still being carried out in the village. Residents need to be vigilant and keep doors and windows locked.


Youth Club: A Christmas party is to be held at the youth club on Friday, 14 December 2018.

Mrs Ellerington-Jennings has agreed to be the parish council representative and will help with publicity.

There is to be a Santa’s Grotto at the Nature Park on 23 December 2018.


Leven & Brandesburton Horticultural Society: A Christmas event is to be held on Saturday, 8 December in the Recreation Hall. 60 people up to now have bought tickets.


Leven sports hall craft fair: This was well supported and raised £800.


18-19/92  General purpose matters


Gullies South Street: The clerk is to contact highways to ask for the gullies to be cleaned out.


18-19/93  Date of next meeting:  As the first Tuesday in January 2019 falls on the 1st it was decided to put the meeting back to Tuesday, 8 January 2019 at 7.15pm in the sports hall.



18-19/87  Planning applications


18/03118/CM – Yarrows Aggregates Ltd - Erection of two-storey office building, 2 weighbridges and alterations to access at Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Little Catwick Quarry, Leven Bypass, White Cross to Leven Roundabout Leven – The application was discussed, and the following was decided:

The clerk will ask the case officer if Leven parish council can defer submitting their comments until after 8 January 2019 as there are questions that need to be answered by the case officer before the parish council can consider the application.

1. Clarification as to whether the existing 2-storey office building will be de-commissioned and taken down if this application is approved.
2. Leven parish council would like to know the footprint of the existing building and the proposed new building. Is this an expansion of buildings on the site.
3. Not clear of the re-positioning of the 2-storey building. The drawing provided by the agent does not show the existing building.
4. At present it is not compulsory that the existing wheel washes are used by wagons when coming onto and leaving the site. Complaints have been made regarding the state of the road and the use of the wheel washes must be a planning condition that is adhered to.


18/03776/TCA - LEVEN CONSERVATION AREA – Mr S Mathison - T1 Poplar: fell due to significant decay in the main union of the co-dominant stems, T2 Sycamore : fell due to leaning towards neighbouring property and is in poor shape and T3 fell dead Willow at 29 East Street Leven – S Mathison left the room and did not take part in any discussions.   Support the tree officer’s recommendations.


18/03689/PLF – Mr Wilkinson – Erection of 2 dwellings following removal of existing garage at land north of 10 Goosenook Lane, Leven - Leven parish council objects to the application for the following reasons:

 1. Overdevelopment of the site.

2. Inappropriate development in relation to the size of the plot.

3. Problems with parking - Goosenook Lane is an unadopted narrow road which already suffers from on-street parking and the proposed development has the potential to add to this.



As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.35pm