Leven parish council

1 Rosedale



East Riding of Yorkshire

HU17 5NE





01964 544355



A meeting of the council will take place on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 at 7.15pm in the school.



16-17/124    Apologies

16-17/125    Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary

16-17/126    Minutes of the last meeting

16-17/127    Clerk’s report

16-17/128    Correspondence

16-17/129    Planning applications received to date*

16-17/130    Planning decisions

16-17/131    Treasurer’s report

16-17/132    Financial matters

16-17/133    First aid course and defibrillators

16-17/134    Representatives reports

16-17/135    General purpose matters

16-17/136    Date of next meeting


Sally L Woolfitt

Clerk to Leven parish council



* 16/03149/CM – F D Bird & Sons – Erection of an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant and associated works at land north of Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Leven Bypass, Leven


16/01011/PLF – Mr Brian Meyer - Retention of a second floor balcony to rear (resubmission of application 15/01140/PLF) 16 Theasby Way, Leven