Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 5 December 2017 at 7.15pm in the school.


Present: Mrs Ablett (chair), Mrs Ellerington, J Bird, R Southwell, K Macklin, R Gibson,

M Hilton, S Mathison, S Nicholson, D Gillyon-Powell


17-18/94   Apologies: M Gillyon-Powell


17-18/95   Declarations of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: R Southwell declared a pecuniary interest in planning application 17/02687/STREM and would be leaving the room when the discussions took place.


17-18/96   Minutes of the last meeting: K Macklin proposed, Mrs Ellerington seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


17-18/97   Clerk’s report:


East Riding and Hull Joint Minerals Local Plan Site Assessment Fact Check Document:

S Nicholson, S Mathison, R Southwell, K Macklin and M Hilton met on 10 November 2017 to discuss the document and the clerk has submitted relevant information to ERYC.    


17-18/98   Correspondence:


16 October 2017                   ERYC                                          Review of Internal Drainage Boards

10 November 2017              ERYC                                           LA/SASC/213/ D Gillyon-Powell,

                                                                                                    M Gillyon-Powell, Ablett,

                                                                                                    Leven parish clerk

17 November 2017              ERYC                                           Rough sleeper estimate 2017

21 November 2017              saaa.co.uk                                 External auditor appointment 17/18

23 November 2017              Goole Town Council                Civil parking enforcement

24 November 2017              ERYC                                           Road Closure – Meaux Lane, Routh

29 November 2017              ERYC                                           Leven parish paths

30 November 2017              Robinson Contract Services    Winter gritting 2017/18

30 November 2017              Chairman of the Council         Chairman’s Award 2018


ERYC – LA/SASC/213/Ablett, D Gillyon-Powell, M Gillyon-Powell, Leven parish clerk relates to a complaint made by Mr Christopher Perry, Mill Drive, Leven which was considered by The Assessment Sub-Committee of the Standards Committee, ERYC.  The complaint alleges that the councillors have deviated from the Council’s Code of Conduct. The complainant also makes a claim that the parish clerk was not producing accurate minutes of parish council meetings. The Assessment Sub-Committee of the Standards Committee decided that no action should be taken with regards to the allegation. The complainant has been advised that there is no right of appeal to ERYC against the Sub-Committee’s decision.





17-18/99   Planning applications:


17/02687/STREM – Southwell County Homes -  Erection of 70 dwellings following outline planning permission 16/02035/STOUT (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to be considered) Land South Of The Redwoods High Stile Leven East Riding Of Yorkshire         HU17 5NL     R Southwell left the room whilst discussions took place.


Leven parish council objects to the planning application for the following reasons:

 Leven parish council does not support the proposed quarter detached housing (1 bedroom) properties as they are not in keeping with the area.

The proposed development has too many 4 and 5-bedroom properties and not enough 2 and 3 bedroom properties. The mix isn't right.

The proposed development does not satisfy the Council's affordable housing policy requirements.

The development does not have enough space for parking. Larger properties will have more cars which will cause problems with parking. Not enough space is allowed/ properties need to be more spaced out.

The proposed development does not meet the conditions set out in the original outline application.

What is going to happen to the sewage?


R Southwell returned to the room.


17/03637/VAR Mr & Mrs Couttie -  Variation of Condition 4 (Approved Plans) for planning permission 17/02499/PLF at 86 West Street Leven East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 5LR

No objections to the application


17-18/100   Planning decisions:


17/00092/REFUSE – Mr K Macklin – Erection of 2 dwellings at land south west of

7 High Stile, Leven.  Appeal in to the planning inspectorate against the decision by ERYC to refuse the application. K Macklin declared a pecuniary interest and did not pass comment. 


17/03061/PLF – Hopkinson – Construction of dormer extensions to front and rear and replacement roof to existing conservatory at 56 Westlands Way, Leven    Approved


17/03085/PLF – Mr Pete Bowser – Erection of detached garage at Northfield Lodge,

77 East Street, Leven         Approved


1717/03049/CM – F D Bird and Sons – Erection of an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant and associated works (revised scheme of 16/03149/CM) at land north of Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Leven Bypass, Leven     Refused  J Bird declared a pecuniary interest and did not pass comment.





17-18/101   Treasurer’s report:


Garry Lee                              £95.00                    Maintenance of the Jubilee Garden

HMRC                                  £813.82                    Quarterly tax return

Autela Payroll                      £52.80                     Quarterly payroll fees

S L Woolfitt                        £405.02                     December salary and expenses

A E Dawson                        £163.10                     December salary

Leven Recreation Hall        £24.00                     Room hire


S Nicholson proposed, K Macklin seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


17-18/102   Financial matters:


Litter bin – Amenity land The Orchard: The matter was previously discussed at the October 2017 parish council meeting as a letter had been received from a resident requesting a new bin for litter and dog waste. The resident stated that children were dropping litter and dog owners were not cleaning up after their animals. The matter was deferred until the December meeting as councillors were going to monitor the situation.  After further discussion it was decided that a sign would be requested from ERYC asking people to take home litter and dog waste.


17-18/103   Representatives reports:


Christmas tree lights switch on: A very enjoyable event with a good turn out of residents. The scouts once again provided the refreshments and were selling wooden pallet Christmas trees to boost funds for an overseas trip for some of the older scouts. 


Youth Club: There is to be a Santa’s grotto at the Nature Park.


17-18/104   General purpose matters:


Public right of way – Heigholme Lane: J Bird reported that the ground is too wet to get onto it to replace the bridge. The work will be completed as soon as possible.


17-18/105   Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 9 January 2018 at 7.15pm in the school. Please note the change of date due to holidays.


A meeting of the finance committee will meet at 6.30pm prior to the parish council meeting to discuss the finances and the raising of the precept.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.