Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 1 May 2018 at 8.20pm in the Sports Hall.


Present: Mrs. Ablett (chair), S Nicholson, R Southwell, R Gibson, D Gillyon-Powell, K Macklin,

Mrs. Etherington-Jennings, M Hilton


18-19/1   Apologies; J Bird, S Mathison, M Gillyon-Powell


18-19/2   Election of Officers:


Chair: M Hilton proposed, K Macklin seconded, and all were in favour of Mrs. Ablett being re-elected as chair.


Vice-chair: S Nicholson proposed, Mrs. Etherington-Jennings seconded, and all were in favour of

D Gillyon-Powell being re-elected as vice-chair.


Committee members and representatives:


Finance committee: D Gillyon-Powell (chair), R Gibson, M Hilton, R Southwell,

Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings.

Youth club representative: R Southwell

Sports Hall representative: K Macklin

Police liaison: S Mathison

History Group representative: S Nicholson

Scouts representative: M Hilton

Parish paths representative: K Macklin

Routh Wind Farm representatives: Mrs. Ablett and Mrs. Dyson


The clerk is to write to Laura Burley, ERYC confirming the re-election of representatives on the Wind Farm Committee and to invite her to the next parish council meeting to speak about the grant funding.


18-19/3   Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: none


18-19/4   Minutes of the last meeting: D Gillyon-Powell proposed, M Hilton seconded, and all those that were present at the April 2018 meeting were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


18-19/5   Clerk’s report:


Dogs on leash: The clerk brought to the meeting a copy of ‘The East Riding of Yorkshire Council (Land in the parish of Leven) Public Spaces Protection Order 2016’ which states that dogs must be on leads only in St Faith’s cemetery. Dogs are excluded from North Street children’s play area and Leven Church of England VC Primary School.


18-19/6   Review of policies: The policies have been reviewed by the chair and the clerk and all were in favour of them remaining the same. A Data Protection policy will need to be added.



18-19/7   GDPR: Correspondence has been received from Matthew Buckley, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, ERYC advising that the DPO (data protection officer) can also be the clerk. The parish council will have to write a privacy notice – data protection policy which will have to be displayed in the noticeboards and on the website. The chair and clerk will liaise with regards to making sure that the parish council is working towards everything being in place for 25 May 2018.


18-19/8   East Riding of Yorkshire and KUH joint Minerals Local Plan: This had been circulated to the councillors before the meeting so that it could be read, and any comments brought to the meeting. It was decided that the clerk would reiterate the comments previously submitted.


18-19/9   Correspondence:


6 April 2018                ERYC                                                   Surface dressing 2018

12 April 2018              Conservative Group                        Parish council meetings

                                      ERYC                                                  Routh Windfarm Community Group

13 April 2018              ERYC                                                  High Stile/The Orchard & Mill Drive/High Stile

17 April 2018              Humberside Police                          High Stile/The Orchard & Mill Drive/High Stile

17 April 2018              Wray Educational Trust                  Grant application

23 April 2018              ERYC                                                   ASB 6 months statistics - Leven


18-19/10 Planning applications: None


18-19/11 Planning decisions:


18/00272/PLF – Mr Mike Jones – Erection of two storey extension to side and single storey extension to rear at 44B Westlands Way, Leven        Approved



18-19/12 Treasurer’s report:


S L Woolfitt                                                    £376.18           April salary and expenses

A E Dawson                                                    £170.71           April salary and expenses

Cornerstone Barristers                              £1000.00           Donation to CAD Legal representation

Zurich Insurance                                           £935.53           Insurance renewal 2018/19

Robinson Contract Services                        £237.60           Replacement cheque – previous lost in the post

Leven Playingfields Assoc                           £500.00           Donation towards kitchen refurbishment

Leven Playingfields Assoc                           £500.00           Donation towards the playpark refurbishment


K Macklin proposed, S Nicholson seconded, and all were in favour of the above items being paid.

R Gibson, B Etherington-Jennings and D Gillyon-Powell all declared an interest in CAD and therefore did not vote on the payment to Cornerstone Barristers.








18-19/13 Financial matters:  

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Grant request Leven Sports Hall: A letter had been received from the chairman of Leven Playingfields Association asking for any support that the parish council could give towards the cost of the refurbishment to the kitchen and toilets. The accounts had been provided to the parish council.

M Hilton and K Macklin did not take part in any of the discussions or the voting. S Nicholson proposed,

Mrs. Ablett seconded, and all were in favour of a grant of £500 being given.


Grant request Leven playpark: Kathy Noble had attended the Annual parish meeting and made a presentation to the councillors regarding the proposed refurbishment of the playpark. A full list of grants already received, and the costs of the equipment had been provided by Kathy. A request had been received asking for any financial support that the parish council could provide. S Nicholson proposed, Mrs. Ablett seconded, an all were in favour of a grant of £500 being given. K Macklin and

M Hilton did not take part in the discussions or voting.


18-19/14 Representatives reports:


Routh Wind Farm fund: Mrs. Ablett advised that the annual meeting had taken place and was well attended. The administrators of the fund are going to come out and speak to the parish councils regarding funding applications.


Youth Club: R Southwell advised that the youth club is going from strength to strength and that there were 24 children at the last meeting. They are considering opening in the summer holidays which has not happened before.


18-19/15 General purpose matters:


Heigholme Lane public right of way: Comments had been posted by residents on ‘What’s going on in Leven’ facebook page asking when the bridge which is part of the public right of way, would be back in situ. Mrs. Ablett had contacted Robert Kirby, ERYC to enquire. Mrs. Ablett was advised that due to the landowner having sown crops it would now be the back end of the year before the contractor could go onto the land to fit the bridge. If the bridge is not replaced until the Autumn it will be over a year since the bridge was removed. An email is to be sent to Patrick Wharam and Andrew Chudley, parish paths ERYC and Mike Ball, Infrastructure and Facilities, ERYC advising that this is not satisfactory.


18-19/16 Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 5 June 2018 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall.


18-19/17 Confidential item


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm.