Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 3 September 2019 at 7:15pm in the

Sports Hall, North Street, Leven


Present: Mrs Ablett (Chair), S Mathison, S Nicholson, K Macklin, H Hilton, D Gillyon-Powell, Miss Richardson, Cllr Gateshill and Greenwood (8:15pm – 8:35pm)


19-20/41 Apologies: Mrs Ellerington-Jennings, M Gillyon-Powell, D Thorne, R Gibson


19-20/42 Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: K Macklin and M Hilton declared a non-pecuniary interest in application 19/02614/PLF and would not be taking part in the discussions or voting.


19-20/43 Minutes of the last meeting: S Mathison proposed, K Macklin seconded, and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


Minutes of the planning sub-committee meeting held on Tuesday, 23 July 2019: Miss Richardson proposed, S Nicholson seconded, and all were in favour of the minutes being signed as a true record. K Macklin abstained as he was not present at the meeting.


19-20/44 Clerk’s report:


Village planters: Excellent feedback has been received from numerous residents in the village regarding the planters.


19-20/45 Correspondence:


16 July 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Footway Lighting Maintenance – Service Level Agreements 2020-21

18 July 2019

Leven Playing field association

Planning permission

23 July 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Standards Committee – Appointment of Parish Council representative

25 July 2019

Councillor Gateshill

Planning application 19/01948/PLF

29 July 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding & Hull Joint Minerals Local Plan

31 July 2019

Leven & Brandesburton Horticultural Society

Advertising – Jubilee Garden

August 2019

Humberside Police

Parish/Town News Release July 2019

6 August 2019


Financial Regulations

12 August 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Election expenses May 2019

15 August 2019


Annual General Meeting 2019

16 August 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Quarterly newsletter

16 August 2019

Conservative Group

Tickton to Leven shared cycle path

22 August 2019

Health Care Partnership

Free AED Training

23 August 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding Local plan review allocations document ‘Fact Checking’ exercise


19-20/46 Planning applications:


19/02494/PLF – Mr & Mrs Paul Bakes - Erection of single storey extension with external and internal alterations to allow conversion of detached garage to self-contained annex at

3 East Street, Leven - Leven parish council has no objections to the application but would ask that the following condition is part of the planning application: 'The additional living accommodation shall not be occupied at any time other than for the purpose ancillary to the residential use of the dwelling known as 3 East Street, Leven'.


19/02614/PLF – Leven Playing Fields Association - Siting of a shipping container to provide temporary storage facilities at Leven Playing Fields Association, North Street Leven - Leven parish council supports the application in principle however would ask how long the temporary storage facilities are to be in place for. Councillors Macklin and Hilton left the meeting whilst the discussions took place.


19/01710/PLF – Mr & Mrs McFarlane- Erection of 1.82m high fence including trellis following removal of existing 1.5m high hedge at 13 Barley Gate Leven - Leven parish council objects to the planning application as there is no justification to remove a healthy hedge and replace it with a fence. If the hedge was maintained on a regular basis and not left to grow over the pavement then there would be no problems for pedestrians.


Councillors Gateshill and Greenwood joined the meeting at 8:15pm.


19-20/47 Planning decisions:


19/01773/PLF – Mrs B Newton - retention of dropped kerb to create vehicular access to front at 36 High Stile Leven Granted


19/01633/PLF | Erection of a dwelling following demolition of existing garage (resubmission of 18/03689/PLF) at land north of 10 Goosenook Lane, Leven Refused


19/01479/PLF – Mr David Scott - Erection of single storey extension to side and conversion of existing garage to additional living accommodation and construction of bay window at 98A Westlands Way, Leven Approved


19/01473/PAD – Coastline Leisure - Display of 6 non-illuminated post mounted directional signs, 2 non-illuminated post mounted entrance signs and erection of 2 non-illuminated flag poles at Heron Lakes, Main Road, Routh Approved


19/02375/TPO – Mrs J Small - Removal of Scots Pine (T2) due to strong crown bias towards property and long limb leaning towards the house at 7 Apple Tree Garth, Leven Granted

East Riding of Yorkshire Council matters:


Whitecross to Leven village: Councillor Gateshill had written to Iain Sugden, East Riding of Yorkshire Council regarding the state of the cycle path near Monks Bridge and the footpath from Whitecross into Leven village. Iain Sugden confirmed that it was not included in highways plans and that the funding would have to come from capital expenditure. This has put the works back to 2020/21 but there is no guarantee that the work will take place. Councillor Greenwood suggested that the parish council apply to Routh Windfarm Community Fund for funding. However, as a footpath is a statutory requirement funding is not allowed. It was suggested that signs are put up along the footpath asking pedestrians to complain directly to East Riding of Yorkshire Council asking for work to be carried out to them.


Humberside Police: The parish council have asked the police to attend a parish council meeting however as, yet they have not turned up. Councillor Gateshill has advised that they do attend the Tickton parish council meetings and will ask them to attend a Leven parish council meeting.


Councillors Gateshill and Greenwood left the meeting at 8:35pm.


19-20/48 Adoption of Financial Regulations policy: This had been circulated to the councillors prior to the parish council meeting. S Nicholson proposed, Miss Richardson seconded, and all were in favour of adopting the policy.


19-20/49 Treasurer’s report


Garry Lee


Grass cutting – Jubilee Garden

NNC Building Services

£ 95.00

Re-pointing brick Leven sign – South Street

Mr A E Dawson


August salary

Mrs S L Woolfitt


August salary and expenses

Mr A E Dawson


September salary

Mrs S L Woolfitt


September salary and expenses


S Nicholson proposed, Miss Richardson seconded, and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


19-20/50 Financial matters:


Grass Cutting: The clerk is to put the grass cutting contract out to tender for 2020. This is to include the strimming of the grass around the planters.


19-20/51 Representatives reports:


Leven and Brandesburton Horticultural Society: The annual show took place on 17 August 2019 which was well supported with plenty of people viewing the exhibits.


Leven Playingfields Association: M Hilton and K Macklin advised that there is to be a ‘bikers’ event’ with between 200 and 300 bikes attending. They will be setting up camp on the Thursday evening and leaving on the Sunday. There will be no drinking on the playingfield and the playpark will be closed on an evening. The event organisers have arranged for security to be in place whilst the event takes place. The parish council were disappointed to note that the residents had not been advised that this event was to take place.


19-20/52 General purpose matters:


Planters: S Mathison advised that he had had more residents and businesses wanting to purchase planters for the village. The clerk is to contact East Riding of Yorkshire Council to ask for daffodil bulbs to be delivered.


19-20/53 Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 7:15pm in the Sports Hall.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9:20pm.