Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 4 July 2017 at 7.15pm in

Leven School.


Present: Mrs Ablett (chair), M Gillyon-Powell, D Gillyon-Powell, S Nicholson, S Mathison, J Bird, M Hilton, Mrs Ellerington-Jennings, R Gibson


17-18/29   Apologies: K Macklin, R Southwell, Cllr Pollard


17-18/30   Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: none


17-18/31   Minutes of the last meeting: S Nicholson proposed, M Gillyon-Powell seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


17-18/32   Clerk’s report:


First Aid Training: There were 19 adults and 20 children that took part in the training. The children in year 6 at Leven school had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took part in all the activities. The adults also gave excellent feedback on both the training and Michelle, who was the trainer. The Wray Trust have proved a grant for the children to undertake the training and the parish council had provided a grant for the adults.


17-18/33   Correspondence:


June 2017                          HWRCC                          Newsletter

June 2017                          ERNLLCA                        Newsletter

June 2017                          Leven Festival               Thank you letter

9 June 2017                       ERYC                               Joint Forum – Hull & East Riding                  

                                                                                     Catchment Plan

15 June 2017                    ERYC                                Community Emergency Plans

19 June 2017                    ERNLLCA                         Chief Executives Bulletin

20 June 2017                    Friends of the Earth     Freedom of Information request

26 June 2017                    ERYC                               Adoption of the East Riding of Yorkshire

                                                                                    Statement of Community Involvement 2017

28 June 2017                    Leven Festival               Noticeboard

28 June 2017                   Leven P F Bowls Club    Re funding request

29 June 2017                    Planning Inspectorate Planning appeal – 16 Theasby Way, Leven

3 July 2017                       Leven Primary School   Hook up point for generator

4 July 2017                       Humberside Police       Vehicles exiting East Street


S Nicholson reported that residents on Mill Drive and Barleygate had received letters from ERYC, the parish council hadn’t received any communication, reporting that the proposed work to be carried out on Barleygate and Mill Drive was to be changed from what had previously been agreed. The parish council are disappointed that this is the 2nd year running that the work has not been carried out.


An email had been received from PCSO Sarah Freer regarding vehicles exiting East Street through the one-way system the wrong way. Humberside Police are wanting people to report vehicle registration numbers so that action can be taken.


17-18/34   Planning applications:


17/01953/TCA – Mrs Couttie – Blue Cedar tree to be felled for re-development of garden structure, size concerns if left to mature at 86 West Street, Leven.  OBJECT – Leven parish council cannot see any justification as to why the tree should be felled for re-development of garden structure. There are no supporting plans/evidence of what work is to be carried out and why the tree needs to come down. We note that a planning application 99/01777/OUT was refused 12 August 1999 at the same address. S Nicholson abstained from the voting all others were in favour of the decision.


17-18/35   Planning decisions:


17/01702/TELCOM – Arqiva Ltd -  Installation of a 12m high slimline pole with 1 omni antenna (overall height 14.8m), 1 equipment cabinet and ancillary works Telephone Exchange North Street Leven East Riding of Yorkshire -   Prior approval of the council (ERYC) is not required.


17-18/36   Treasurer’s report:


Autela Payroll Services                    £  78.80                        Payroll fees quarter 1

Garden & Tree Services                   £ 494.90                      Parish paths cutting

Garry Lee                                         £   95.00                       Maintenance – Jubilee Garden

First Hand Training Solutions           £ 780.00                       First aid course

S L Woolfitt                                       £  383.63                      July salary and expenses

A E Dawson                                      £  163.10                     July salary


M Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Nicholson seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


17-18/37   Financial Matters:


Transparency code funding: A payment has been received to cover the cost of the clerk updating the website monthly, the purchase of a printer/scanner and laminator. The clerk is to source the above purchases.


17-18/38   Representatives reports:


Police: There was an incident involving hare coursing in South Carrs approximately 3 weeks ago. The police were called and a car was compounded for having no tax and insurance. The car had 2 male occupants and 5 lurchers.


History group: S Nicholson reported that they are investigating the outbreak of Anthrax in the village in 1924.


Leven & Brandesburton Horticultural Society Show: D Gillyon-Powell reported that the annual show will be taking place on Saturday, 19 August 2017 in Leven sports hall.


Leven Scouts: M Hilton has been in contact with Ian Stones and given him his contact details as he is now the parish council representative.


17-18/39   General purpose matters:


Public rights of way: Mrs Ellerington-Jennings asked where Leven parish council’s boundaries were concerning the public rights of way near to Brandesburton. S Mathison explained where Leven’s finished and Brandesburton’s started.


Date of next meeting:   Tuesday, 1 August 2017 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall.


As there was no further business the meeting closed  at 8.25pm.