Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 at 7.15pm in the school.


Present:  Mrs Ablett (chair), D Gillyon-Powell, M Gillyon-Powell, R Southwell, E McGee,

S Nicholson, S Mathison


16-17/97    Apologies:  K Macklin, J Bird


16-17/98    Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary:   None


16-17/99    Minutes of the last meeting: S Nicholson proposed, M Gillyon-Powell seconded and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


16-17/100  Co-option of 2 parish councillors: The clerk had received 5 expressions of interest from residents in the village and all had been invited to attend the meeting. The 5 candidates gave a 2 minute briefing on why they were interested in the vacancy and what they could bring to the parish council. A vote took place between the councillors and

Mr Ray Gibson and Mr Malcolm Hilton were co-opted on to the council. Mrs Ablett and the councillors welcomed them to the meeting.


16-17/101  Clerk’s report:


Christmas tree lights switch on: Very enjoyable evening with all going to plan. A Christmas card competition had been held in the school on behalf of the parish council and the winner was asked to switch the Christmas tree lights on which he did. The cards were all excellent and it was very hard to choose a winner and 2 runners up. Mrs Ablett and the clerk enjoyed going into the school to present the prizes. The parish council are to hold another competition next year. Grateful thanks to the Scouts for providing the refreshments again and hopefully their funds have been boosted with the donations received.


16-17/102  Correspondence:


October 2016                  ERYC                                                            Tackling anti social behaviour

1 November 2016          Beverley & Holderness Conservatives  Safeguarding the constituency 

3 November 2016          Leven Festival                                            Leven festival 2017

3 November 2016          Conservative Group                                 Roundabout roadworks

7 November 2016          Zurich Insurance                                       Adding volunteers to policy

9 November 2016          ERYC                                                           Emergency planning

11 November 2016       Dept for Communities & Local Gov.     ‘Get Ready for Winter’

17 November 2016       Andrew Dolman                                        Emergency planning

21 November 2016       Chairman of the Council, ERYC              Chairman’s awards 2017

1 December 2016          ERYC                                                           Local Paths Partnership

1 December 2016          ERYC                                                           Local Paths Partnership


The correspondence from Zurich Insurance was with regards to adding volunteers to the policy that could be required to drive JCBs, tractors, 4 x 4s etc. on behalf of the council if the need arose. This was discussed when updating the emergency plan and the parish council wanted to be prepared if needs be. The vehicles would only be driven by qualified operators. The clerk is to obtain the policy documents and have the amendment put onto the policy straight away.


The letter from ERYC regarding the Local Paths Partnership advised that the funding received to maintain the public rights of way including bridleways will cease in March 2018. The parish council will still receive funding for 2017/2018. The work will after that date be carried out by ERYC and closer to the time the parish council will enquire as to how many cuts they will be making and if the parish council can still employ their own contractor.


16-17/103  Planning applications:


16/03897/PLF – Mr & Mrs Clark – erection of two storey side and rear extension at

8 Trinity Close, Leven        No objections


16/03975/TCA – Holy Trinity Church, Leven – Sycamores x 4, canopy raise over highway to give clearance of 6 metres         No objections


16/02035/STOUT – Redwoods: R Southwell left the meeting at 8.30pm so that the councillors could be updated on the progress of the application. The clerk had attended the planning committee meeting held on 17 November 2016 at County Hall as the application was on the agenda. Mr Thorne had spoken as an objector. The application was deferred for a 2nd time due to the objections raised by the B & NHIDB. Mrs Ablett declared an interest as she sits on the drainage board. R Southwell returned to the meeting at 8.40pm.


16-17/104  Planning decisions:


16/02590/PLF – Mrs Kate Drury – erection of first floor extension over existing garage and bedroom at 15C North Street, Leven     Approved


16/00721/CM – Yarrows Aggregates Limited – erection of extension to existing bagging plant building, erection of a 2 storey office building, installation of 2 weigh bridges and associated wheel wash, parking and turning circle at Yarrows Aggregates Limited,

Leven Bypass, Leven     Approved


The clerk is to write to Highways and Development control to ask that the wheel wash should be made mandatory when all vehicles are leaving the site. The condition of the road at times is unacceptable with mud and stones carried on the lorry wheels up to the roundabout at Whitecross and beyond. ERYC street cleaning vehicles have been seen cleaning the road and this should be up to Yarrows Aggregates Limited to keep clean and not the council.   


16-17/105  Treasurer’s report:


Autela Payroll                                      £  30.00                          Payroll fees

Post Office (HMRC)                            £478.40                          Quarterly tax return

ERYC                                                     £630.40                           Reclaim unspent weather grant

ERYC                                                     £234.71                           Street lights level 1 agreement

Mrs S L Woolfitt                                 £   25.00                          Christmas card competition prizes

Mrs S L Woolfitt                                 £383.72                           December salary and expenses

Mr A E Dawson                                  £   30.00                           Hornsea Carnival donation


M Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Nicholson seconded and all were in favour of the above payments being made.


16-17/106  Financial matters:


Donation Hornsea Carnival: Father Christmas and his helper had kindly called in at the Christmas tree light switch on and S Nicholson proposed, M Gillyon-Powell seconded and all were in favour of donating £30 to Hornsea Carnival.


Snow clearance: A quote had been received from Robinson Contract Services with a price to grit the roads if it snowed. The question had been raised as to whether they use brown or white salt and the clerk confirmed that it was brown salt. This has been used in the past and the parish council are quite happy that this is used again. The clerk is to contact RCS to ask that they carry out the work on behalf of the council if required. The parish council asks that residents do park their cars on their drives if possible to allow the gritters to clear the roads and this will allow motorists to get around the village.


16-17/107  Representatives’ reports:


Police: S Mathison advised that there are burglaries taken place in the village and surrounding villages. Residents need to be vigilant and make sure that windows, doors, garages and sheds are kept locked.


History group: S Nicholson advised that they are researching more history of the village.


Youth Club: R Southwell reported that on Sunday, 18 December there will be a Christmas Grotto at the Nature Park from 4 – 6pm. All invited to attend.


Leven in Bloom: An article had been placed in Leven Life regarding the sculpture made by Bob Whatley before he left the village. This had been given to Leven in Bloom with the thought that it could be erected at the turning circle at Whitecross roundabout. This request had been refused by ERYC on health and safety grounds. However, the school are looking at the possibility of having it in the school grounds and Mrs Ablett has been in contact with

Mr & Mrs Whatley and they are happy with this suggestion.


16-17/108  General purpose matters:


Local Services Sign: R Southwell raised the issue regarding the local services sign that is adjacent to Whitecross roundabout and is covered by the trees. Mrs Ablett advised that the sign is on private land and highways will need permission to move it. It was suggested that if the trees were to be cut back then it would be more visible. S Mathison will talk to the landowner.


Defibrillator:  R Southwell asked if there was one in the village. The clerk advised that it is attached to Costcutter wall. Discussions were held and it was suggested that there should be one at the Sports Hall and one either at the Recreation Hall or the doctors. People do have to be trained to use them and the clerk will write to St John’s Ambulance to ask if they would hold a first aid course in the village and how much it would cost. A suggestion was made that the parish council could apply for funding for 2 defibrillators through the Routh Wind Farm grants.


Council business: R Southwell commented that any parish council business discussed outside of the meeting needs to come back to the next meeting.


Broadband: E McGee asked for the matter to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 3 January 2017 at 7.15pm in the school.


There will be a meeting of the finance committee at 6.45pm to discuss the setting of the precept prior to the council meeting. All finance committee members to attend.


There will be an open meeting at 7.00pm in the school for any residents to raise any issues they may have. These can then be brought to the parish council meeting.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm.