Leven Parish Council

Minutes of Leven Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday, 5 June 2018 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall.


Present:  Mrs. Ablett (chair), S Nicholson, S Mathison, R Southwell, M Hilton, M Gillyon-Powell,

J Bird, Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings, D Gillyon-Powell, R Gibson


18-19/18       Apologies: K Macklin, Cllr. Pollard


18-19/19       Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: none


18-19/20       Minutes of the last meeting: Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings proposed, D Gillyon-Powell seconded, and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record. M Gillyon-Powell, J Bird and         S Mathison abstained as they were not present at the previous meeting.


18-19/21       Clerk’s report


 Heigholme Lane Public Right of Way: The matter regarding the replacement footbridge is in the hands of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


18-19/22       Correspondence


May 2018                 Clerks & Councils Direct                       Newsletter

3 May 2018              Leven Playpark Fundraising Group    Letter of thanks

11 May 2018           ERNLLCA                                                  GDPR

23 May 2018           FHTS                                                         First aid course – Leven school

24 May 2018           ERNLLCA                                                  Newsletter

3 June 2018             Mark Powers                                          Proposed sculpture

4 June 2018             ERYC                                                         Public Spaces Protection Orders 2019

5 June 2018             ERYC                                                         New Permission in Principle Process


Mark Powers: Mark has received a grant offer from Routh Wind Farm Community Fund to create a sculpture with youth club members and other children who want to take part. Mark’s idea is to run a workshop in the village to work with the youth club and others to design and create a cairn at the entrance of the village. Mark had looked at the land between the compound at White Cross and the access to the bridleway. J Bird wouldn’t support that idea as it would obscure the visibility of vehicles leaving the compound. Mrs. Ablett was going to speak to Mark to advise him that the parish council supported the idea in principle however he would have to contact Highways and Development Control at ERYC as they would have to approve the proposal. The parish council do not own any land in village for the cairn to be sited on. Mrs. Ablett is going to suggest to Mark that he comes back to the parish council once he has discussed the matter with ERYC.


New Permission in Principal process: The Government have introduced aa new route for planning permission that will be available for applicants proposing small scale housing or housing led development from 1 June 2018. With Permission in Principle (PIP) applications all that must be provided is an application form and a location plan of the site. The Government’s intentions are that this will only establish the principle of the development. Detailed matters will then be considered at the subsequent submission of a Technical Details Consent (TDC) application on which the parish council will be consulted. PIP and TDC applications are only subject to a 14-day consultation period. ERYC is required to determine these applications within 5 weeks. The matter was discussed, and D Gillyon-Powell proposed, Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings seconded, and all were in favour of the clerk emailing all parish councillors with the details of the application and asking for their vote to be sent back by return. If no response is received from a parish councillor it will be taken that they have no comments to make regarding the application. ERYC will be advised of the decision.


18-19/23       GDPR -     Data Protection Privacy Statement

                                          Website Privacy Statement


The above draft policies had been circulated to the councillors before the meeting in preparation of them being adopted. All were in favour of both statements. To be published on the website and noticeboard.


All parish councillors were advised to set up new email addresses for parish council business only and to email the information to the parish clerk. This is to comply with GDPR rules.


18-19/24       Planning applications


18/00010/PLF – Ms Sally Pritlove – Retention of a greenhouse at 31 Mill Drive, Leven  - No objections to the application.


18-19/25       Planning decisions


17/00073/REFUSE – F D Bird & Sons – Erection of an Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant and associated works (additional drainage information) at land north of Yarrows Aggregates Ltd, Leven Bypass, Leven

Appeal has been withdrawn

18/00004/REFUSE - F D Bird & Sons – Erection of an Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant and associated works (additional drainage information) at land north of Yarrows Aggregates Ltd, Leven Bypass, Leven

Appeal has been withdrawn


18-19/26       Treasurer’s report


Mrs. W L Haywood                                 £75.00                                  Internal auditor fees

Garry Lee                                                  £50.00                                 Grass cutting – Jubilee Garden

Mrs. M Cundill                                         £23.50                                 Plants – Planters on South Street

HMRC                                                      £479.60                                Quarterly Tax Return

Mrs. S L Woolfitt                                   £387.15                                 June salary and expenses

Mr. A E Dawson                                    £170.71                                 June salary


M Gillyon-Powell proposed, J Bird seconded, and all were in favour of the above payments being made.       


18-19/27       Financial matters


 Purchase of external hard-drive: To comply with GDPR rules the clerk is to purchase an external hard-drive to store parish council documents on. The cost will be under £100. M Gillyon-Powell proposed,

S Nicholson seconded, and all were in favour in the clerk making the purchase.




18-19/28       Approval of the accounts    


The accounts had been submitted to the internal auditor for checking. Under the Transparency Code councils no longer have to submit the Annual Governance and Accountability Return to the external auditor if their income is under £25,000 and their expenditure is under £25,000.  As Leven parish council fall under this figure a Certificate of Exemption has been completed and returned to the external auditor.  S Nicholson proposed, M Gillyon-Powell seconded, an all were in favour of the accounts being signed by Mrs. Ablett as a true record. The accounts will be posted on the website and the noticeboard as required.


18-19/29       Representatives reports:


Beverley & North Holderness Internal Drainage Board: Mrs. Ablett reported that a meeting had been held with the Environment Agency to discuss the outstanding work required which includes bushing, dredging and bank works. Some of this work is outstanding since it was first requested in 2012.

J Bird reported that Barff Drain banks are slipping and require to be shored up.


Leven and Brandesburton Horticultural Society:  D Gillyon-Powell reported that the Horticultural Society are holding open gardens on Sunday, 24 June 2018 in Leven. A stall will be on Jubilee Gardens selling programmes. There are to be between 16-18 gardens open. The charge will be £3 per adults and children go free. Refreshments will be served in the Recreation Hall throughout the day.  The annual summer show will take place on Saturday, 18 August 2018 in the Sports Hall. Schedules are now available.


Sports Hall: M Hilton reported that work is on track to start replacing the playpark equipment in July. The work to replace the kitchen and toilets will start the end of July/beginning of August. They are applying for funding to replace the fencing around the tennis courts. Kath Noble has asked Mrs. Ablett for a letter of support from the parish council in support of the funding bids. Mrs. Ablett asked Kath to contact the clerk. As yet no request has been made.


18-19/30       General purpose matters


Lamp-post planters: M Gillyon-Powell and D Gillyon-Powell have looked after the planters prepared by the school children ready for them to be put up on the lamp-posts. S Mathison and S Nicholson to put up on Thursday, 7 June 2018. Mr. Dolman, Leven School has invited the school children to watch. The clerk is to ask Mr. Dawson (handyman) to water the planters on a weekly basis, or more if required.  The parish council will increase Mr. Dawson’s hours by 2 per week to cover the extra hours required between now and the end of the season. Agenda item for the July meeting. R Southwell had looked for a portable watering system which will be required and will provide the clerk with details and cost.


Jubilee Garden hedge: The hedge is need of being pruned. M Gillyon-Powell and D Gillyon-Powell to cut back to the correct height.


Leven to Long Riston road: The clerk has been asked by R Southwell to report the broken bits of car debris to ERYC.


East Street: The clerk is to chase up the scheduled works at the junction with East Street and North Street with ERYC.


Bench: The clerk is to contact Mr. Draper to ask for permission to place a bench on the Canal bank near to the bridge at Sandholme Lane.


West Street: The clerk is to contact ERYC to ask for the verge to be replace on West Street where KCom have taken it up and left it in an unsatisfactory state.


Internet connection: Many of the residents are extremely frustrated at the internet service that they are receiving from their providers. This has been raised before by residents and there has been no improvement. The clerk is to write to KCom, BT, Graham Stuart MP and Councillor Pollard as Ward Councillor for Leven.


Motorbikes: The clerk is to write to the police regarding the speed of the motorbikes on the bypass especially on a Thursday and Sunday evening.


East Street – blocked drains: The clerk is to write to ERYC regarding the blocked drains. ERYC are aware of the situation and have advised that it is due to roots, but no remedial work has taken place.


18-19/31       Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 3 July 2018 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.