Leven Parish Council

1 Rosedale



East Riding of Yorkshire

HU17 5NE


01964 544355






A meeting of Leven parish council will take place on Tuesday, 8 January 2019 at 7.15pm to be held in the sports hall.



18-19/94     Apologies

18-19/95    Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary

18-19/96    Minutes of the last meeting

18-19/97    Clerk’s report

18-19/98    Correspondence

18-19/99    Planning applications

18-19/100  Planning decisions

18-19/101  Treasurer’s report

18-19/102  Financial matters – Setting of the precept 2019/2020                 

18-19/103  Representatives reports

18-19/104  General purpose matters

18-19/105  Date of next meeting



Sally L Woolfitt

Clerk to Leven parish council


18/04060/PLF – Mr Southwell -  Erection of stables, construction of menages, fencing, gates and 8no. floodlights attached to 6no. 5m high poles following relocation of an existing livery business (Revised scheme of 18/01378/PLF) at Land South of The Redwoods, High . Leven


18/04107/CLP - Mr Robert Townsley - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed use of land for siting of residential caravans (re-submission of 18/00181/CLP) at Sandholme Park, Sandholme Lane, Leven


18/03118/CM – Yarrows Aggregates Ltd - Erection of two-storey office building, 2 weighbridges and alterations to access at Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Little Catwick Quarry, Leven Bypass, White Cross to Leven Roundabout Leven – Deferred from December 2018 meeting