Minutes of Leven parish council meeting held on Tuesday, 4 September 2018 at 7.15pm in the Sports Hall.


Present: Mrs. Ablett (Chair), D Gillyon-Powell, R Southwell, J Bird, S Mathison, S Nicholson,

Mrs. Ellerington-Jennings, M Hilton, Mr Drinkall (resident)


18-19/43     Apologies: M Gillyon-Powell, R Gibson, K Macklin


18-19/44     Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary: None


18-19/45     Minutes of the last meeting: D Gillyon-Powell proposed, S Nicholson seconded, and all were in favour of them being signed as a true record.


18-19/46     Clerk’s report:


Heigholme Lane public right of way: The bridge has now been replaced.


Bench – Canal Bank: R Southwell and S Mathison to meet with Mr. Draper who has been in contact with the clerk.


Canal path: The grass has now been cut along the canal path. There had been a problem with gaining access however this has now been resolved.


Flytipping: This has now all been cleared away from the bridleway. There had been an issue over who’s responsibility it was to clear it at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, but this has now been decided.


18-19/47     Correspondence


July 2018                       Clerks and Councils Direct               Newsletter

6 July 2018                    ERYC                                                    Town & Parish Council Liaison Meetings

30 July 2018                 Graham Stuart MP                            Broadband access/speed

1 August 2018              ERNLLCA                                             Traffic Management workshop

3 August 2018              Mr. D Gillyon-Powell                        Banner – Jubilee Gardens

7 August 2018              Yorkshire Ambulance Service         Community Defibrillator

10 August 2018            ERYC                                                   World War 1 Centenary Commemorations

10 August 2018            ERNLLCA                                            ERNLLCA Representatives

10 August 2018            ERNLLCA                                            ERNLLCA Representatives - clarification

13 August 2018            ERYC                                                   Floods

17 August 2018            ERYC                                                   Town & Parish Council liaison meetings

31 August 2018            Mr. Cammish                                    Illegal vehicle parking

31 August 2018            Graham Stuart MP.                         Broadband in Leven


The clerk is to forward the letter from ERYC regarding the World War 1 Centenary Commemorations to Reverend Grainger-Smith and Mr Robinson at Hull Aero Club.


The letter from ERYC regarding flooding was discussed and the survey is to be completed by the chair and the clerk.



18-19/48     Planning applications


18/02542/PLF - Mr & Mrs Drinkall – Erection of two storey extension to front, creation of first floor to side, internal and external alterations including the addition of roof lights to rear at                      Heron House, Beverley Road, Leven – No objections to the application


18/02591/PLF – Mr Mills – Erection of a detached garage following demolition of existing garage at 19 The Bryants, Leven – No objections to the application


18-19/49     Planning decisions


18/01732/PLF – Mr Thomas Bentley – Erection of porch to front at 34 The Meadows, Leven - Approved


18/01808/TCA – Mr Alan Ball – Tree works in Conservation area – T1 Hawthorn: 2-3ft crown reduce, T2 Sycamore: fell, T3 and T4 Ash x 2: fell as self-seeded at 3 East Street, Leven – Approved


18/00010/PLF – Ms Sally Pritlove – Retention of a greenhouse at 31 Mill Drive, Leven – Approved


17/04154/STPLF – Coastline Leisure Ltd - Change of use of land for the siting of an additional 224 holiday accommodation (131 holiday lodges/static caravans, 56 camping pods/yurts and 37 touring caravan pitches), erection of a reception/office, bistro/gym, toilet/shower blocks, MUGA, play area and associated landscaping, drainage and engineering works at Heron Lakes, Main Road, Routh, East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9SL – Approved


18/01889/PAD – Brian Fell Leven Ltd – display of 2 non-illuminated fascia signs at Brian Fell Leven Ltd, West Street, Leven – Approved


18/02183/PLF – Mr M Kerr – Erection of a single storey extension to side of existing garage to create a store and alterations to roof from flat to pitched - Approved


18-19/50     Christmas lights switch on arrangements


The clerk has been in contact with Driffield Silver Band to ask if they would like to play at the Christmas lights switch on Sunday, 2nd December 2018. The clerk has had a response and the band would be delighted to come and play and will be playing between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. They have asked for a small fee of £100. J Bird proposed, S Mathison seconded, and all were in favour of the clerk booking the band. The scouts have been asked once again if they would like to serve the refreshments.


18-19/51     Treasurer’s report


Mrs S L Woolfitt (Defibshop)                     £88.80                       Replacement defibrillator battery

Garry Lee                                                      £60.00                       Maintenance – Jubilee Garden

Mrs S L Woolfitt                                         £376.18                     August salary and expenses

Mr A Dawson                                              £279.23                     August salary and increase in hours

Mrs S L Woolfitt                                         £375.98                     September salary and expenses

Mr A Dawson                                              £279.23                     September salary and increase in hours

HMRC                                                           £534.00                     Quarterly tax return


J Bird proposed, S Nicholson seconded, and all were in favour of the above payments being made.

18-19/52     Financial matters: None    


18-19/53     Representatives reports:


Leven and Brandesburton Horticultural Society: D Gillyon-Powell reported that the Annual show had taken place on Saturday, 18 August 2018 and was very well attended.


Leven playpark: M Hilton reported that the official opening of the playpark will take place on Saturday, 15 September 2018. A picnic will take place, and all are invited.


Leven sports hall: M Hilton reported that the new kitchen has now been installed.


Leven allotments: Mrs Ellerington-Jennings reported that some of the sheds on the allotments had been broken into. The concern is that knives used on the allotments have been taken.


18-19/54     General purpose matters:


Green cabinets – West Street: S Nicholson reported that the grass verges where the cabinets have been installed has not been cut by ERYC. The clerk is to report it.


Drains – West Street: The clerk is to report to ERYC that some of the drains opposite Costcutter have not been cleaned out and would appear to be full of concrete and vegetation.


Speeding tractors – West Street: Concerns have been raised to the parish council by residents regarding the speed that tractors are travelling at on West Street. It is happening at harvest time during the school summer holidays and residents are worried that a serious accident could take place. It is not known who the tractors belong to.


Trees- East Street: The clerk is to report to ERYC the trees overhanging the pavement on East Street. It has been reported that people are getting wet if it has been raining.


Advertising in laybys: The clerk is to contact Streetscene, ERYC regarding the small van that is advertising the Duke of York at Skirlaugh that has been parked in the layby for some weeks now. The parish council wants clarification if this is allowed.


18-19/55     Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 2 October 2018 at 7.15pm in the sports hall.


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm