Leven Parish Council


Agenda July2016

  Leven Parish Council

1 Rosedale



HU17 5NE

01964 544355







A meeting of Leven Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 5 July 2016 at 7.15pm in the school.




   16-17/29        Apologies

               16-17/30        Declaration of interest both pecuniary and non-pecuniary

   16-17/31        Minutes of the last meeting

   16-17/32        Clerk’s report

   16-17/33        Mr East – Festival committee noticeboard

   16-17/34        Parish paths partnership

16-17/35       Correspondence

16-17/36       Joint Minerals Local Plan consultation

   16-17/37        Planning applications received to date *

   16-17/38        Planning decisions

   16-17/39        Treasurer’s report   

               16-17/40        Financial Matters  -              Leven Festival donation request

                                                                                     Leven Youth club donation request

                                                                                     Leven & Brandesburton Horticultural Society donation request

               16-17/41       Representative reports

               16-17/42       General purpose matters

               16-17/43       Confidential item

16-17/44       Date of next meeting



Sally L Woolfitt

Clerk to Leven parish council